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  • Here are links to services,companies and products that Shantae Sexy PERSONALLY reccommends. This is a result of fascinating Customer Service and Product. "I personlly hope that you will check out my favs and be able to get the best as well."~Shantae Sexy ***Feel free to visit all Links on this page as She refers these personally***

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    Looking for A&R to help you create your Artist profile and shop your music? Well here are some great sites to choose from. **Shantae Sexy profiles appear on behalf of referred site. Feel free to create your own***

  • Non-Profit Orgs that really have influenced others to succeed.

  • Sure you may find Shantae Sexy music everywhere, however you can also find her prodocts that she designs as well.

  • No need to run all over looking for Shantae Sexy's can easily find links to where her music is right here!