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It's 2010, same sexy lady, a bit improvised, yet still the same determined easy-going "miss" we all know.

"I was born ready. Yeah, ready and stubborn as hell.", laughs the New Jersey born real-life illusion. All ready to release another album and taking over being in controlof what matters to her, Shantae Sexy thought to make the 4 unreleased tracks that would have been on Who's That Lady? as an EP.

"I only wanted 14 tracks on my first cd, so I put the others to the side. I realized I liked them too much to keep to myself and pre-released them." Right after Who's That Lady?Bonus Edition reached the public, she had already MySpaced "Mood Music" which is to be featured with other completed tracks for 'The Sophomore Album".

" It's definitely a business move I am going to make, If a listener is really listening they will always check back for more.", explains the mastermind behind this musical business plan.

After featuring her music all over the Internet on sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, OurStage, Bebo and more recently Thisis50, iLike,,,Jango and ReverbNation; Shantae Sexy prpeares for a whirlwind of support and major increase in fans.

"I've been making music for-like-ever (laughing), it's just that I wanted to see it in the limelight." Furthermore,2005 was the beginning of recording the songs well all came to know like, Curious (About Your Love), Frenzy, Introducing,Keep It Sexy to name a few. Now as Ain't That Simple, I'm Still Banging, Mood Music, and Ghetto Love Song frame the portrait of The Sophomore Album to release 2011, Shantae Sexy thought more of it.

"I'm actually working on cd's 3 and 4.", in which she looks to work with other Artists and Musicians to show her love of their talents as well.

This time around Shantae Sexy is warmed up and feling more flexible than before. 2009 was a hectic year as the then Independent labeled (Piekit Records) musician/entertainer extraordinaire released the first of a series of music she produced and performed.

"It was a milestone moment in my life. You know, I have accomplished a lot of great tasks in life already. However, my music has a different impact in my life. so seeing it out there available to the public makes me feel better than ever before.", the 5'4" caramel-smooth complextioned phenom revealed.

First on the list was a special edition, which was technically released, however solely made for her own enlightenment. Quickly, a buzz brewed and spread through the immediate and neighboring areas that Shantae Sexy's mucial style had major potential.

Indeed it did, so much to the point that she hadn't realized her impact on others. ' So many people have told me that my music gives them hope and that it is fun yet inspiring.(laughing) A lot like me."

Her candidness and general love for music was becoming a demand." Before I knew it people wanted me to commercialize it; you know have it mastered." Shantae Sexy recalls the time and dedication she put into her projects.

Ain't That Simple: The EP was a planned "surprise" debut for 2010. "With the change in how music is accessed I wanted to offer something you don't see a lot of nowadays." Still in all, the four songs that are greatly making waves will be on The Sophomore Album as well.

In 2010, Shantae Sexy signed an online distribution deal with the infamous Def Jam Recordings by way of Island Def Jam and TuneCore. "I'm still me, you know humble, relaxed and outwardly silly. Taking this direction is a good decision I made." Reflecting on her prior expressions to forever remain an indie musician.

Shantae Sexy explained she still has a lot of her independent freedom's , as she still is "new" to many people. "I have been around for a good minute, but it's no rush on my behalf. I will always make music. Whether it'll be available to the public always may raise some brows."

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When you hear the name Shantae Sexy, you think of the standard definition of sexy. When you get to know Shantae Sexy, you get the epitome of sexy.


Shantae Sexy (Shantae Shalise Esannason) is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, a true businessperson and artist at heart. Amongst other talents and skills, this gifted persona enjoys the versatility of her art.


The Business: Her promotional side continues to pursue a firm business infrastructure. OEW, Inc. the source that parents her sub-operations. Piekit Shop, Piekit Records and most recently Piekit Distributions are the homes to her musical productions, fashion designs and network system.


The Musician: Production, Writing, Singing, Rap, and Dance are a tidbit of the talents that characterizes Shantae Sexy. She spends ideal time incorporating who she is into her music and productions.


The Sexy: Well, that part is quite unexplainable. You have to venture in that topic on your own.



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