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The Masters- 10 Year Anniversary (Piekit Records -2015) 

Now Or Never -  (Piekit Records - 2013)

Turf Warz - Presented by DJ Young Cee (Piekit Records/G Unit Records 2013)

Izm (Piekit Records - 2012)

Coast 2 Coast - Hosted by DJ Kaze

The Sophomore Album - The EP (Piekit Records-2010) 

Who's That Lady? (Island Def Jam Online Distribution/Piekit Records-2010) 

Who's That Lady? - Bonus Edition (Piekit Records-2009)



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Shantae Shalise Esannason writes and produces her music. She's written all of her songs on all of her cd projects and continues to write even outside of musically.





                       Support Indie Artists!                                

Many people are aware that some of same talents admired in mainstream industry are replica's of an equally or more talented Independent Artist.


Independent Artists use their own money to invest in their talents and typically make musick for fun or leisure . So many independent artists lead normal lives , where they may still work in the local community or area in which they reside. Popular for Open Mics, Karaoke, Showcases and even Private Shows, you sometimes can catch your favorite indie artists performing on stage with Majors. Perhaps as a Opening Act or as their own headlining showcase.


The vast majority of Independent Musicians prefer "indie life" as they do not want to be subjected to deadlines, selling of their souls (as some call it), or having to fit into a taboo of what is cool or not.


Be careful your favorite major artist may most likely have a team that loves your favorite indie artists!



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