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If you took the quiz you should have scored accordingly. Each response is scored from top to bottom on a scale of 10 -1. So if you chose the second answer that would be a 9. If you add up your 10 points, which is one point per question/statement take the total and read your summary .

Quiz Score of 100-75

When it comes to relationships you know what you want and need. You are not the type to be overly selfish or inaccurate with your decisons. Love is something that you need and want. You are the type of person that is strong-willed and creative to make a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship. When it comes to intimacy, you stick to a more conservative approach yet still provide a mutual enjoyment that is capable of being reignited at any instance. Family and friends are great to have yet they know and honor the privacy that you require to maintain your healthy relationship. For as long as you keep an open line of communication and continue to be flexible in making the relationship work , it will do just that.

Quiz Score of 74-25

Life is a bit of a mystery to you and so is love. When it comes to relationships you'd rather take certain precautions to guard your heart and feelings. You are willing to sacrifice a little yet if you could just have it the easy way you are likely to take a chance from time-to-time. Love is what you want...someday and though you sometimes clearly have doubts, you will still manage to find happiness in your relationship. As far as family and friends are concerned they make it all the better, while making it worse. Communication is important though you find other factors to be key. Sometimes other factors are more important to keeping the relationship going to you than communication. When it comes to making out, you are up for an adventure and are a bit on the risky side. Not too many things can interfere with your desire to see where it could lead to. At some point you will have to choose if love is or isn't for you. Hopefully before it's too late.

Quiz Score of 24-0

You are convinced by your your life experiences of true love being non-existant. No one can really win your heart, well maybe someone had your attention for a while but not ever again. You have experienced and surrounded yourself with like minds so not to feel crazy. In your heart you see nothing wrong with your state of mind and enjoy the right here, right now lifestyle. Longevity is not what you yearn for and variety is the only key factor when you're seeking your happiness. While some need communication on a regular you are fine with keeping a distance from anyone who even thinks that love is the answer. Sexually there isn't any platform that you will not explore and you are completely satisfied with knowing that there are all sorts to sift through. As far as relationships it isn't your cup of tea but you do know what you want, and how to get it. It is natural that you sway people to do and be just how you prefer. Family and friends are an added problem and interference is not what you accept in your daily regimine. You love your freedom to do as you please and that's about it.

If you do not feel your score matched up well wait a week and then re-take the quiz. See if you answered with a clear and open mind. Sometimes focusing in on certain aspects of the statement/question can lead to an inaccurate response.

This is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a tool to help make your life decisions. If you are experiencing relationship issues that require immediate attention due to abuse, neglect, depression ,separation or any other reason seek additional assistance from local organizations.

As life changes for some so does their mindstate, so if you ever want to retake the quiz to see if you'd still answer the same or differently wait a month or so and re-take the quiz.


I appreciate you visiting, come again!

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