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April Column - Volunteerism

Posted by Shantae Sexy on April 3, 2013 at 8:45 PM

Volunteerism is a prominent form of community service, a duty, a task and even more so an initiative to engage in wage-free labor for the betterment of your environment and social life.


Some look at volunteerism as robbery, being that labor and time is put into projects and activities that do not seem to offer documented payout.


The truth is that in order to gain skills, sharpen work ethic and accumulate references volunteering can present many benefits for both the company and those who take action in building communities with their talents and skills.


Many volunteer projects lead to permanent job placement and could even lead to one’s lifetime career.


Community Service is an alternate label for Volunteering; it is often given as an opportunity to give back to a local community in lieu of a Court Order, Job Search criteria, Government requirement or School project.


Non-profit organizations often seek the assistance of volunteers by way of current Clients or referred clientele. Not always are Volunteers offering their time due to a mandatory clause. There are people who generally enjoy helping others and being active in their communities. They are known as Community Activists or Community Leaders.


So now that the basics have been presented let’s delve into what types are available. Just as any working role or position, you can fill a place and handle the more basic tasks. Due to the risk of insurance claim and to help maintain the privacy of the other Clients many volunteers are limited as to what they can do.


The more experience as a volunteer you gain the more you can add to your resume and can apply those skills in a permanent work environment. It’s great to experience volunteerism so that you can get a feel of a particular work environment or show a potential Employer that you are adequate to fill an open Job Position.


Office Clerical, Industrial, Food Industry, Clothing, Non Profit and many more companies allow everyday people the chance to gain insight of projects and/or events that can open doors for an optimistic volunteer.


So what happens if there are limited volunteer opportunities in your area? You can always visit another community or even create your own project which can build momentum and become a career for you.


Keep in mind that when you offer or are selected to volunteer that it is a privilege. So be mindful to dress accordingly and have a winning attitude, one that displays your character and much charisma. Don’t be afraid to offer your perspective and to learn a new skill or technique.


The best thing of all about volunteering is simply that anyone from any age group can enjoy being part of community opportunities. Most are short term projects so if being committed for a long time is of concern seek the type the best suits your lifestyle and schedule.


Keep in mind that new volunteers show up at doorsteps each and everyday, so treat your role respectively and welcome new volunteers by being a great role model of what a volunteer should be.


Here’s an example of volunteering turned to a money-earning task. You see a neighbor who could use reading tutoring, gas cut, garbage taken out or a babysitter for a few hours out of the week. It may be fun to have some money coming in but think of how nice and helpful you’re being by helping out. Again it can be short-term and you can help out say up to a month at max (for example) then as you veer into other activities in life you may find that you are still needed and that your services are valid and most importantly appreciated. Just that fast you’ve built a foundation for skills and talents.


So what are you waiting for there’s a bunch of things you could be doing by now!


Volunteer Ideas: You can try these alone or with a group of friends.




  • Walk the dog
  • Baby-sit
  • Cut the lawn
  • Take out garbage
  • Clean for elderly
  • Run errands for elderly
  • Tutor main subjects (Math, English, Reading, Social Studies, Science, etc. )
  • Teach someone to dance
  • Train someone (Sports, Fitness, Martial Arts, etc.)
  • Clean litter from neighborhoods
  • Help at Animal shelter
  • Assist at Food Pantry
  • Help with Community events (see local clerk)


In addition to these activities you can always participate with particular companies in your area that offer assistance to the community.

Written by Shantae S. Esannason



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