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Shantae Sexy's Feedback on Feedback

Posted by Shantae Sexy on April 3, 2013 at 9:00 PM

" Well first, I appreciate being featured in the showcase. I watched the event in its entirety and found that they really went in on my showcase portion. I think if the videos weren't cued to start automatically that they would of spent more than five minutes a piece hiking on the video.

I think I took the criticism well. Everyone is entitled to their own take on things. My take is that they are too caught up in current trends and fads of what sounds and looks right, that they automatically were ready to dump on it. My video was referred to as "cheap looking" but I saw a video that may have been clear but looked like it was recorded off an Apple laptop, like for real there were no motions. They may have been afraid to talk all like that to the fellaz though.

As far as the "everything needing improvement" statements, which they all agreed upon. I feel there's room for improvement with everyone, even seasoned performers and entertainers are in need of  some fine tuning.

Then there was a "throwback" comment which didn't quite offend me. I produced my track and wrote my lyrics specifically to sound that way. A lot of music today doesn't even have a hip hop vibe it just sounds like a bunch of robots and crazy hyped up beats and mixes. However everyone is entitled to their own opinions...

To me their criticism wasn't constructive, it was straight blows,bashing even. If you can sight a great Artist even through all the rest of the presentation then you reach out and be someone in their corner not adding to the negativity they already endure. One judge was likesomething along the lines of, "... family probably wasn't being honest." Well a lot of people have been negative, but for every negative I got lots of positives. For every negative, not anyone of them said hey I know someone who could do better videos or who could mix your songs for you and blahzay blah. It's like people get a kick out of being negative and then that's all they can offer. If I ever tell someone my feedback, it's going to be like... Well your video could use major improvements, as far as visuals, quality of the video itself. When you do your next video hit me up. That's constructive criticism.

Still I know how to take the good out of everything. I gained more exposure, spent 3 minutes and 22 seconds in the minds of others in the entertainment business and had fun, as usual.

Someone took my tweets on Twitter (seen below) as having been upset. I wasn't I was shocked though at how they instanly had like direct feedback. It wasn't suttle or nothing , but I saw one judge jammin, so in general I took it like the Champion that I am.

IAmWisdom #Izm #NBA ‏@ShantaeSexy  lolz People be talking about poor quality but forget to talk about their own poor quality #Coast2Coast #CantHEarYou #POWPOWPOW

IAmWisdom #Izm #NBA ‏@ShantaeSexy  I'm saying, just don't be a hypocrite...

IAmWisdom #Izm #NBA ‏@ShantaeSexy 20h I ain't gonna do em like dat lolz



Overall it was good to be part of a showcase , an interactive one, I had fun listening to their views and watching other talents present themselves as well.

My daughters who also co-starred in the video with me enjoyed it beyond measure , not so much the critism we received, lol. So we had a great time and I will certainly take some of their advice. Well actually I already made up my mind regarding my future projects who I'd collab with prior to this. So in time you'll see more commercialized results in my presentations.

Lastly, I was noted as having "potential" by 2 of the 3 judges, which is greatly appreciated. I know my skills and what I have to offer,but sometimes other people acknowledge it and try to ruin things, just like there are people who try to deter you.

The craziest thing for me, is knowing the people I know who are skilled and have access to the better quality that is required and for wahtever reason they don't reach out. It just goes to show that I'll just have to work harder.

S/O to everyone who's been supportive since day 1 and who've joined the movement and support me now. S/O to my supporters of tomorrow too. Even if the fat lady sings, it still ain't over.

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